Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one the fastest, safest and most effective ways to spruce up your smile. If you have naturally darker teeth or teeth that have become stained over time, teeth whitening is likely to be a great treatment for you.

The technology available for teeth whitening has developed dramatically in the last five years. bc dental is proud to offer a full range of the latest techniques available, catering to a wider range of patients than ever before.  

Before any whitening procedures are started, you will need a consultation with one of our dental professionals to assess your teeth and forecast any issues that may arise. 

Factors to be considered when discussing teeth whitening outcomes:

  • Tooth shape
  • Smoking history
  • Previous fillings
  • Original colour of teeth
  • Home care
  • Certain medications
  • Age
  • Note: teeth with a grayish colour tend not to whiten as well as teeth that have a yellow or brown colouring. 

How does Teeth whitening work?

All whitening products work according to this basic reaction: 

Hydrogen peroxide → Water + Oxygen 

The oxygen has a free radical which breaks down the pigments in your teeth. Modern products include desensitizers and accelerants so that the whitening process is more comfortable and faster. 

Is Teeth whitening safe? Can anything go wrong?

Teeth whitening by a dental professional is by far one of the safest cosmetic procedures in the medical or dental field. However, there are some side effects that may need to be managed. Tooth sensitivity can be combatted by using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoiding very hot or cold food and drinks during the whitening process. Gum irritation can be avoided by using only minimal whitening solution and never over-filling trays. All of our whitening products have built-in  desensitising agents. 

Did you know?

The teeth whitening industry is not regulated. People using kiosk or salon teeth whitening treatments risk damaging their teeth and gums due the varying expertise and wide irregularities in concentrations of chemicals.

It’s important to be aware that anyone providing a purely cosmetic service is not qualified to give expert dental advice. Cracked enamel, cavities, restorations or exposed root surfaces require special care and need to be taken into consideration before teeth whitening is done. 

We strongly recommend avoiding these establishments, especially if they are using light-activated systems.


6th Generation Zoom whitening

What is In-chair whitening?

6th Generation Zoom whitening is the latest and greatest in tooth whitening. A single appointment of 60-90 mins will leave you with safe and instant results. 

Powerful whitening solution is placed on your teeth and activated by our new LED Zoom lamps. In expert hands, the solution acts quickly to leave you with a brighter, whiter smile

Immediately after whitening, your teeth will be more sensitive and we advise using toothpaste for sensitive teeth over the next few days. You also need to avoid any strongly coloured food and drink for a few hours. 

Zoom whitening comes with a complimentary home whitening kit that can be used to maintain your new whiter smile for years to come. 

Click here for After care Instructions for Zoom whitening


Take home whitening

What is Take home whitening?

Take home whitening is a very predictable and safe treatment and is great if Zoom whitening is not within your budget or if you suffer from sensitive teeth.  For people with sensitive teeth we recommend home whitening over Zoom whitening as the sensitivity can be managed more easily. 

We provide you with a set of custom whitening trays that you wear in the comfort of your own home. It’s usually recommended to wear the trays for 7-14 days. The trays do not disintegrate, and can be re-used for years to come. 

Click here for Instructions for Take Home Teeth whitening 

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