What is a crown?

A crown (commonly known as a cap) is a casing that fits over the top of a prepared tooth or tooth root. Crowns are usually made out of tooth coloured porcelain and/or precious metals such as gold. The crown may cover the entire tooth or only a portion of the tooth as seen in a ¾ crown.

Crowns are used to help save teeth that have sustained significant damage. They are used to strengthen the remains of a tooth which is either cracked, has substantial decay or a large, old filling. 

Why would I need a crown?

You may be a suitable candidate for a crown if you:

  • Have a tooth that is badly broken down and needs strengthening
  • Need/want to improve your cosmetic appearance
  • Are replacing a large old amalgam (silver) or white (plastic) filling
  • Have broken a piece of tooth 
  • Have cracked a tooth
  • Have had root canal therapy

If I need a crown, how long will it take?

Conventional crowns are usually completed in two visits, Cerec crowns can be done in a single visit.

The tooth is prepared for a crown by removing any decayed, weakened tooth or old restorations. Then a temporary crown is placed. 

1-2 weeks later the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown cemented in. 

Click here for After care instructions for fillings and crowns


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